General Studies Principal-Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Boca Raton
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Yeshiva Tiferes Torah of Boca Raton (TTB) was founded 4 years ago with an enrollment of 13 students. We are proud to have a current enrollment of close to 50 students in our high school with an additional 30 students in our post high school Bais Medrash program. Our High School meets a unique need in the orthodox Jewish community of Boca Raton for families looking to provide their sons with a rigorous dual curriculum in General and Judaic studies in a traditional all boys Yeshiva environment.

In three short years the TTB administration has assembled an exemplary staff of caring, experienced and motivated teachers who are dedicated to helping our young men achieve their academic goals. The comprehensive curriculum covers all required High School subjects with many opportunities for higher level learning. Currently TTB offers three different AP courses in an expanding advanced placement program which is based on student interest. The AP college program is in addition to a highly successful Honors Math program. As we continue a trajectory of growth and expansion, raising the academic bar is a constant goal. ​We are currently looking to hire a new General Studies Principal to continue developing our general studies program into one of excellence.

Some key points that the General Studies Principal will be responsible for are listed as follows (a comprehensive list is available upon request):
1) ​Continue to develop a rigorous and robust academic program aligned with the current best practices in education. A program that ensures that a student who graduates TTB can be successful in the college of his choice.
2) Maintain and ensure a warm, nurturing, safe environment for students and staff.
3) Serve as the chief articulator of the school's Secular programs, expectations, behavioral guidelines, and other related information to staff, parents and students.
4) Develop high school curriculum for both honors and regular tracks and create a comprehensive curriculum handbook for teachers and a curriculum overview for parents.
5) Work collaboratively with other members of the administrative team, to assist in the continued development, implementation, and evaluation of instructional programs and activities.
6) Observe, supervise, and evaluate the General Studies staff's development and implementation of curriculum.
7) Serve as a coach and resource for staff persons in matters of classroom management, teaching methods, and general school procedures.
8) Develop plans, in conjunction with the deans, for meeting students' educational, physical, social, and psychological needs.
9) Involvement in ongoing supervision of student achievement and referral for remediation, enrichment or specialized intervention if and when needed.
10) Collaborate with parents and staff to design effective interventions and accommodations for students with specific needs.

The candidate must have credentials appropriate to the position, such as a Master's Degree in Education. The position is a full-time position. Understanding of Orthodox Jewish culture is an asset but not essential.

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