Principal Mentoring
Schools are invited to have a representative of the Consortium consult with the principal, board members, teachers and all stakeholders to provide an expert assessment of each school’s needs and to create a viable means of achieving each school’s unique goals. Through regularly scheduled on-site visitations or online conferences, CoJDS works to instill strategies that will ensure each school is maximizing its available resources in terms of personnel, fiscal management, programming, and facility use. A major focus of our principal mentoring program is to provide expert strategies in regards to administrative and faculty team building, as well as defined roles for staff.
PTI-Principals Training Institute
As a significant emphasis of our organization is principal development and training, we have a substantial network of over 100 educational leaders to date that we tap into to find viable candidates for schools and to facilitate the search for administrators. The Principal Training Institute trains current assistant principals and gives them the tools and guidance they will need to become thriving heads of schools. We actively assist in the post-training placement of our program members.
Standardized Chumash Skills Program
Our Chumash Skills Program incorporates current educational models and technology, and it allows students to gain the textual skills to learn Chumash independently. The program includes workbooks for students; teachers’ guides for Rabbeim and Morot; creative lessons; worksheets; Smartboard-ready discs; interactive songs; charts, posters, and flashcards for each student; and formative and summative assessments to ensure each student is meeting the appropriate grade standards.
Technology for Yeshiva Day School Mechanchim
The Consortium is dedicated to helping schools teach their students how to make use of technology for positive growth, both in Torah and general studies. We live in a world where understanding how to use technology is a vital key to success in many walks of life. The Consortium has been successful in assisting schools to establish computer labs and I-pads in classrooms, as well as introducing the use of technology as a classroom tool to reinforce lessons, have students self-administer tests and use games to strengthen their skills, track student progress, and also to test for student comprehension. The Consortium has also helped introduce the use of E-Beam technology, a cost-effective that has been shown to have significant impact on learning.
Enrollment and Marketing Strategies
The Consortium of Jewish Day Schools has produced cutting edge marketing literature and brochures that can be customized to each school’s specific needs. Our services in this area include analyzing enrollment trends in each community and helping each school to create and implement a strategic plan that works with the mission and resources available to the specific needs of each institution.
School Improvement and Accreditation Protocols
Consortium of Jewish Day Schools offers our organizations expertise in the protocols of accreditation. CoJDS has a track record of providing school improvement plans (SIP) for many Yeshiva Day schools across North America. Our experts work closely with the schools' professional administration and lay leadership to actualize a meaningful self-study of the school, utilizing site-visitations, focus groups, surveys, and interviews all in a professional dignified fashion. CoJDS helps each school determine the recognized standards for best practice and all areas of the protocol are evaluated against the standards. Areas of deficiency are incorporated in the strategic actin plan that will guide the school in the future.

The Consortium utilizes experts in their respective fields for review and advisory consultation. Areas of concentration are curriculum and instruction, professional leadership, marketing and community outreach (enrollment/ admissions), fiscal management and viability, parent involvement, board development and governance, technology, counseling and special services. Each school is provided guidance to help create a mission statement reflecting its purpose and values in religiosity and love of Israel, commitment to the Jewish community and the general society. CoJDS is the only recognized organization with a universally accepted standard for Torah studies that provides standardized assessments and feedback for administrators, teachers, and parents in primary grades, Our programs are now in 94 schools and we have experts in the field to provide guidance in almost any situation. We have partnered with other national organizations and universities to maximize the benefits to schools.
Children learning interactively