From the Teachers

This curriculum is unbelievable! I'm not sure who enjoys it better-- me or my students! The children also know all the material very well! I'm also hearing from the other teachers how they love L’havin Ulehaskil. Thank you for such a great program!
Rabbi Tzvi Goldman, 4-5th grade Rebbe
Akiva Academy, Detroit
I can't begin to tell you how incredible your L’havin program is! It is now my second year being involved in the teaching of this program and I am beyond impressed. I've been involved in chinuch for over 20 years and I have yet to see a curriculum that comes close to this one. Currently, I am a remediation teacher at Manhattan Day School. The school is really on the cutting edge of education, and is constantly looking to improve the quality of its education. I see the practical application in the classroom, and it’s really quite remarkable to see young children be able to hone their chumash skills to such a high level. I truly believe that this program has the capacity to affect future generations and help tomorrow's leaders tap in to their potential in a way that has not been done until now.
Aviva Golombeck
Manhattan Day School
We are piloting the program for the first time in our 3rd grade. The teachers are loving the detail and constant focus on skills.
Rabbi Levi Solomon
Emek Hebrew Academy, LA
I wanted to thank you for the amazing workshop. I am new to your program and my school is starting with second grade next year iy"H. I was so excited to see a program like yours. Thank you for helping us teach and give over with such clarity and purpose for our students. May you continue to be able to help Klal Yisroel for many years, Thank you again,
Bracha Frohlich
Striar Hebrew, Boston, Massachusetts‏
Thank you so much for the opportunity to learn how the program really works. It was very impressive to see the strong commitment of the CoJDS towards education in making it relevant to our children. Looking forward to another year of growth in using the program.
Mrs. Chani Goldberg
Cheder Lubavitch Morristown; Morristown, NJ

From the Students

I like the posters and the songs that help teach things.
Thank you for helping make it easier to learn
I like the charts that help me understand how to do the work.
I like how there are english translations to explain things.